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Once You Are Hired

Once You Are Hired

Transportation to the work site is the responsibility of the employee. Employees report to the SS Ocean Phoenix or the M/V Excellence in Alaska or Washington. If reporting to the vessel in Alaska, an airplane ticket from Seattle will be provided as an advance against earnings. If an employee successfully completes the contract, airfare expense will be waived.

You will sign an employment contract with Phoenix Processor Limited Partnership, the owning company of the SS Ocean Phoenix and M/V Excellence.

Contracts to work on board the SS Ocean Phoenix are for the duration of a fishing season, 30 to 90 days, dependent on the fishery. Pay ranges are established for each position. Processor pay begins at 1.0 crewshare or a guarantee of Federal Minimum Wage with overtime, whichever is greater.

Contracts to work on board the M/V Excellence are for either the duration of a fishing season or for a single trip, depending on the fishery. Pay ranges are established for each position. Processor pay begins at a guaranteed rate of $70.00 per day with a case rate bonus paid at the completion of the contract period. At no time will the total pay fall below Federal Minimum Wage.

Room and board is provided at no charge while you are working on board the ship. Items can be purchased at the ship store and deducted from your payroll. This includes rain gear, boots, gloves, socks, personal hygiene items, cigarettes and other tobacco products, vessel logo items, candy, pop, stationery and stamps. Rain gear and boots are required gear for processors. (General information on what to bring with you)

We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees. You will receive routine, mandatory safety training to ensure your response to and ability to avert emergencies. We maintain a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol that includes pre-employment drug testing, random testing and testing for cause.