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M/V Excellence

M/V Excellence

Vessel History

The M/V Excellence was originally built in 1973 as a Factory Trawler, the Tenyo Maru #5. In 1990, she was refitted and re-flagged to become a Factory Processor.


The M/V Excellence is an Uninspected Fishing Vessel measuring 367 feet. Propulsion is diesel with horse power of 5,700. The Hull is steel with gross tonnage of 4,312. The M/V Excellence has freezer hold capacity of 1,700 metric tons of finished product. The crew complement of the M/V Excellence varies from 115 to147, of which 50 to 85 are processors. Crew size varies depending on the seasons and the fisheries.


The M/V Excellence operates up to 8 months out of the year processing Pollock in the Bering Sea and Hake off the coast of Washington and Oregon. The M/V Excellence historically participates in 4 separate fisheries during the year. Contract periods range between 30 and 90 days, depending on the fishery.

Products Produced

  • Surimi
  • Head and Gut
  • Pollock Roe
  • Fishmeal
  • Fish Oil